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Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

On bitcoin generation, and bitcoin organizations

Bitcoin is a currency, literally, in its infancy. The concept is, as far as I know, the first of its...

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

How many bitcoin addresses exist?

The larger the hash160 is, the more base58 characters required to represent its address.

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

Node influence proportional to CPU power

What else do you use to determine who is (approximately) one person?

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

Latency and locality

With a global p2p network, it is necessary to have all nodes receive the transaction, do some calculations and send...

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

Satoshi’s node-to-power ratio

The utility of the exchanges made possible by Bitcoin will far exceed the cost of electricity used.

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

Transactions – Trust No One

If knight's "trust everyone collectively" meant, "trust in the process" I find that insightful and a good motto.

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

Bitcoin minting and botnets

If people believe that bitcoin is simply a way for botnet herders to convert spare cpu cycles into cash, they...

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

Bitcoin minting: a critique of preceptions

But I do think that is is really important to point out that all that CPU power and electricity usage...

Satoshi Nakamoto2 weeks ago

Bitcoin minting is thermodynamically perverse

I believe that the amount of energy input required to the bitcoin economy represents a serious obstacle to its growth.

Bitcoin3 weeks ago

Pbwhatkey — deterministic private key generator (PBKDF2 & based)

Tested with Python 2.6, pbkdf2_rmd v0.1 (Python module), pywallet V1.1