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We are an enthusiast bitcoin blog and web resource aiming to present the best selections of bitcoin content and tools on the web.

The Team

Ali Sherief

Ali is the administrator of and an online entrepreneur involved in crypto since 2019 and whose journey with bitcoin began with faucet farming and continues to progress to the present day as a HODLer. Ali is also a professional coder and is a Backend Developer at ChainWorks Industries. When he is not busy writing content or tuning the site’s backend, he’s usually writing for Medium or DEV Community, editing the Bitcoin Wiki, or pushing code changes on Github – or all three.

Ali is fuelled by his passion for puzzles and problem-solving and has tackled some of the most difficult tasks in the cryptocurrency world such as patching BitCrack to run on Nvidia RTX cards and extending the search range of Pollard’s Kangaroo. He is also the author of bip39validator, a utility that checks BIP39 wordlists for compliance with recommended guidelines.

Ali can be reached by e-mail at [email protected], on Twitter at @Zenul_Abidin and is also active on Bitcointalk as NotATether where he solves others’ technical problems (he thinks the username is a sheer coincidence).