I’m Ali Sherief, Innovator Of Many Trades

I am a software engineer with experience in many different programming languages and technologies. This is my website where I consolidate and sell my knowledge for others to benefit from. In the past, I’ve had several writers and designers on my crew as well.

I also answer support questions on Bitcointalk under the NotATether name. I’m also a Bitcoin Wiki editor, a BIP creator, and server administrator/sysadmin. As you can see on this page, I’m also talented in several technologies and my versatility allows me to learn even more of them quickly.

This is not actually me, but you get the idea.

Values that lead Me


You Think Big, You Get Big

The future is always better than the present, so create a part of it.


Finish What You Started

Eliminate procrastination and doubt to reap the rewards of what you started.


Put Your All Into Your Work

It's as simple as that: You're not doing it for the money, but because it's your passion.


Teach Others What You Learn

Research shows that teaching others something as soon as you learn it will retain the concept in your memory.

Timeline Of Events

September 2020 - November 2020: bip39validator
My first professional software project. I created bip39validator, a wordlist validator for BIP39 wordlists of crypto wallets.
October 2020: NotATether.com
This is when I created the website. It was dormant for a while though, and was not fully operational until next April.
Feburary 2021: blockstack_recov:
I invented blockstack_recover to extract private keys from wallets using the now-abandoned Blockstack legacy wallet.
April 2021 - Present: Backend Engineer @ ChainWorks Industries
I was hired by ChainWorks Industries to develop a payment processor, among other things.
May 2021 - May 2022: Press Release Editor @ OWNR Wallet
I helped OWNR Wallet write their press releases, presentations, and sponsored articles.

My Software Stack Is Enormous


Libevent, Valgrind, Qt, Gdb, Automake, Boost, ability to make modules

Python 3

Flask, numpy, matplotlib - Used for API servers and backends


React, HTML5, CSS3, Gatsby, Express - used for web apps


Use as a WebApp cache store

Databases & SQL

MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, Postgres

Kubernetes & Docker

Helm, and Provisioning clusters, Nodes, and Pods


Administration and basic plugin development

Linux Sysadmin

Nginx, Monitoring & Network configs, and provisioning servers and disks

See My ideas come to life

If my software stack wasn’t enough to convince you of my capabilities, my portfolio definitely will. I have made quite a number of pull requests and projects.

Let’s get creative

Want to hire me for your organization or collaborate with me on a project? Just leave a message in my inbox.

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