Best Crypto Browser Extensions and their benefits

Crypto browser extensions, are features that can help customize your browser. You can use extensions to make your daily tasks easier, enforce privacy, check the current cryptocurrency prices, use it as a wallet and more. So if you are active in the world of cryptocurrencies, extensions are absolutely essential for you. These extensions are available on Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. The following is a list of essential crypto browser extensions for you.


Metamask has millions of users and is one of the best extensions for users who are active in the field of cryptocurrencies and is the key to your entry into the world of dApps. It is a software wallet for your cryptocurrencies which allows you to trade decentralized cryptocurrencies on Exchanges. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave browsers.

Also, it allows you to receive, send and store both ETH and ERC20 tokens. At the beginning of the design of this extension, only Ethereum was supported, but over time it has started supporting other tokens. MetaMask provides a high level of security for its users. Features such as auto-lock wallet, phishing scams alert, personal key, etc. makes MetaMask one of the best extensions for users.

No Coin / No Miner

There are some sites and networks that mine cryptocurrencies by connecting to your personal computer and then your computer’s CPU. No Coin / No Miner are two extensions that warn you about stealing these types of sites. Also, prevent them from accessing your computer and CPU.

Crypto Price Tracker

Cryptocurrency price tracker extension enables you to avoid spending a lot of time going to different exchanges to find the price of cryptocurrencies. Instead, by installing this extension, you can easily and with just a few simple clicks, get the price information of a large number of cryptocurrencies. You can also use these extensions to see the most potential or most undervalued cryptocurrencies.

Nifty Scanner

This extension is well designed for people interested in NFTs. You can check different NFT technologies or see if NFT is approved in Etherscan. With this extension, great facilities are created for people interested in the world of NFTs.


This type of extension eliminates annoying ads in the Internet world. This extension also disables trackings by sites and viruses. If you are active in the field of cryptocurrencies and visits a lot sites daily, by installing this extension, you can get rid of annoying ads and ensure your security.


Coinstats is another important extension that we recommend you install. If you are an investor in the cryptocurrencies, Coinstats is the best program to track your investments and monitor market changes. You can also sync the exchanges where you trade with this extension.

Privacy Badger

If you care about your privacy, Privacy Badger is the best option for you. This extension is known as an anti-tracker and ensures the security of users. This extension sends a signal to websites not to track you. If a site ignores this signal, it will be blocked and this automatically protects your privacy.

Crypto Tab

Crypto Tab gives you the real-time price of Bitcoin. So if you want to know the current price of Bitcoin while searching the Internet, you can use the Crypto Tab extension. This extension is very light and has a simple user interface. When you open a new tab, the real-time price of Bitcoin is shown to you by Crypto Tab.


These extensions are necessary for professionals and beginners. If you are thinking of interacting more easily with the world of cryptocurrencies, these extensions can best connect you. Finally, if you want to increase your privacy, or you need a wallet, and/or want to be updated instantly on current price of Bitcoin, then the extensions discussed here can be key for you.

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