Malware, Virus and other scams in the digital currency network

Bitcoin is another digital currency that has been developed in the world for many years. Many people today know them and trade in digital currencies. But despite the great security of this network, there are still hackers, lurkers, and phishers who cheat people. They also are interested in digital currencies. First, they can defraud you for thousands of dollars without being tracked on the network. Secondly, lack of sufficient knowledge and understanding of Bitcoins and digital currencies, as well as trust in channels or unknown people are among the reasons that cause people to be deceived in this field and lose their money.

Who are the lurkers and Phishers?

Lurkers only take information from people. They get information by looking at people’s information on social networks. But they leave no mark on themselves. They do not post any posts or information about themselves on social media. They are like ghosts and only observe people’s activities and information. This information can include cookies, posts, purchases, demographics, and even people’s IP.

Phishers send fraudulent communications. They portray this fraudulent communication as a reputable source. In this way, they can identify user information, user account information, and even launch malware on the user’s device.

Phishing Bitcoin Wallets

The creation of phishing sites by hackers has increased a lot since the beginning of the new year. Given that some countries have recognized Bitcoin, so it is a good place for fraudsters. They focus on building a clone of a website in some areas where digital currency trading is more common. In this method, when the user enters his information to log in to these sites, this information is sent to the hacker.

How to deal with it

Be sure to use two-factor authentication(2FA) for your exchanges and wallets, this factor will increase your security. Also, check the site domain and SSL certificate text when logging in. Use virtual keyboards when entering information and avoid using the same username and password for multiple sites.

Botnets are one of the most dangerous methods

In this way, black hat hackers gain full access to the victim’s computer. They can take over all the computer information including your digital currency wallet information. They can monitor all the functions of your system. The keyboard information and passwords that you enter in your wallet are visible to these hackers.


Using antivirus and firewall software, these two programs largely detect Botnet’s information and prevent it from infiltrating users’ computers.

Malware and Viruses

Malware and Viruses designed to access your digital currency wallet are other examples of fraud. This type of malware, which is downloaded by the user via email or telegram sites and channels, searches the wallet.dat file on the computer after execution. Then your digital wallet information will be sent to the hacker. Usually, this type of malware also runs after the clipboard hijacker. A program that sends all the clipboard information and copy / cut-paste to the hacker.

With this program, hackers can change the address of the wallet that the user has confidently copied, and enter the desired address. In this case, the amount sent will be sent to the hacker’s wallet. This is a way to move the address of your destination wallet to the address of the hacker wallet, thus executing this type of malware during the transaction. When a user requests a transaction, the malware would replace the cryptocurrency addresses and thus the infected user sends its digital currency to the hacker.

How to protect your device against Malware and Viruses?

The best and only way to make your device more secure is to use antivirus software, a solid firewall. But these two programs may not be effective at times because the malware is getting more and more complicated every day. So for more security, it is better to increase your information about the security of your device and have smart online habits. You can also use IP change software when searching for unsafe sites. Also, try not to download programs from malicious and anonymous sites and telegram channels as much as possible.

Malware Removal

This is usually done by Windows or an antivirus. However, in Windows 10 you can use this manual method to disable the malware. Enter the task manager page by pressing the combination keys (CTRL + ALT + DEL). Enter the Processes page. At this stage, you need to identify Windows programs. Make sure you do not delete or disable them as this will damage Windows. Also, if you are using a specific program, you can hide Windows programs by tapping the option to hide Windows Entries. Now that you have found the suspicious program, you can right-click on it and disable it to prevent it from running automatically when you restart. After this step, search for the desired malware name on your computer and remove it completely by pressing SHIFT + DEL.

In the end, having enough information and using antivirus and firewall software to stay away from lurkers, phishers and hackers can be very effective. Always try to be sure of the channels and sites you use. Do not install any program on your operating system. Use virtual keyboards. In this way, you can largely prevent digital currency fraudsters and increase your security.

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