What are Easy ways to earn bitcoin without mining?

Bitcoin was worth only a few dollars in 2009. This has changed, causing it to attract many users from all over the world. This digital currency has become the most valuable coin in the world and has a large share of daily transactions. As a result, many people around the world are eager to earn bitcoins.

If 10 years ago they had invested only a few dollars in Bitcoin, today they would have several thousand dollars. One of the most popular and profitable methods of getting bitcoins today is Mining. But this method requires a lot of capital, sufficient knowledge, and most importantly, a suitable place to store mining equipment. But this is not the only way to earn bitcoins. There are many other ways to earn apart from mining, which we will discuss below.


This is an important and profitable way (of course with enough knowledge) to get Bitcoins. In bitcoin trading, you can start operating in the market with little investment. There are sites that help you try trading without investment using practice accounts. In trading, you have to check the Bitcoin chart and increase your Bitcoin by buying and selling at different prices (which are constantly going up and down). This requires sufficient training, otherwise, you may lose your funds.

Here are some trading sites:

Sports Betting & Gambling

This method is suitable for those who are interested in gambling with their bitcoins. You can win more by playing and betting in various casinos that support the use of the digital currency. You can deposit your BTC in the casino wallet before gambling. These can be done anonymously depending on the type of gambling site. But keep in mind that gambling cannot be a permanent source of bitcoin revenue. It is possible to lose your capital, so be careful.

Surveys & Tasks

You can earn bitcoins on these sites for the activity specified by the site. There are many sites that ask you to participate in Surveys and other assignments. A certain amount of BTC will be credited to your account after the task has been completed.

Tasks sites give you a certain amount of bitcoins for certain tasks, such as visiting a site or watching a movie. Either way, when your account balance reaches the required threshold, you can withdraw your bitcoins. But, pay attention to the history of the site in question, very new sites may be scams.


In this way, you are interacting with the ads of that site or the site itself by going to faucet sites. These sites are full of ads and every few minutes they give you a small amount of bitcoin or other digital currencies. You should keep in mind that this is a small amount for a job without special investment and knowledge. However, on Faucets sites you can get a certain amount of bitcoins by clicking on the links or filling out informational surveys. This is not a good way to earn since the amounts given are extremely small.

Lending Bitcoin

With the advent of bitcoin, you can lend it the way lenders make profit with money. If you have a certain amount of BTC, you can lend it and then earn more. In this way, you can increase your bitcoin with the profit you earn. There are platforms and individuals to whom you can lend your Bitcoins. But make sure you trust the people you deal with so that you do not lose your bitcoins. It is safer to use platforms with escrow services.


Another way to earn is by investing your bitcoin. It is sometimes called HODLing among enthusiasts. When Bitcoin was around a few dollars in 2009, it was the best time to invest in this digital currency. Many analysts and experts in the world of digital currencies use investment as a source of income. Bitcoin has good potential for price increase after global acceptance, so investing can be one of the best ways for those interested in making gains with it.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is suitable for people who are interested in Bitcoin mining but do not have the expertise and resources required to do so. Fortunately, there are many sites that sell different plans to their customers. By purchasing these plans, you are renting mining equipment or you are renting part of the hash rate. As a result, these companies rent their devices to you to mine bitcoins. So you pay them for the amount that is spent on the maintenance costs of the devices.

“Be VERY careful when investing in Cloud Mining, because there are chances that this type of investment is some kind of Ponzi scheme or something like that.”


These sites will activate monthly (or weekly and daily) plans for you in return for a certain amount of bitcoins from you. The profit percentage of these sites is high and also the risk of investing in these sites is extremely high.

Most of these sites operate in various fields such as the digital currency market or Forex. But keep in mind that most of these sites are active for one or two months. The investors may receive a payment or they may never get paid. So consider all aspects when investing.


These are some of the ways to get bitcoins without mining. Certainly, with the development of Bitcoin and its price increase, the demand for buying and selling it increases day by day. You can guarantee your future with Bitcoin by earning in the mentioned ways.

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