What is Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator And Which Works Best?

With the increased interest in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the volume of Bitcoin transactions have gradually increased. As a result, we see an increase in the number of transactions and severe congestion in the blockchain network. After the block size (1 MB) reaches its maximum limit, and in case of severe congestion, several transactions are delayed and stay in mempool for confirmation. Also, miners usually choose the transaction that pays the highest fees. So transactions with too low a fee may take several hours or several days or not be confirmed at all on the network. So you need to pay an extra fee to speed up your transactions and experience faster confirmations. Your solution is to use the Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator.

What is Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator?

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators can be introduced as off-chain services. Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators charge extra fees from users. As a result of this extra fee, your transactions can get sufficient confirmations on the network. Interestingly, most of the miners themselves act as accelerators to get higher block mining fees and rewards. So using Bitcoin accelerators can be a solution to reduce blockchain network congestion. Using Bitcoin accelerators saves Bitcoin users time and effort.

The Best Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators


ViaBTC was launched in 2017 and aims to create a solution for the 1MB limit of Bitcoin blocks. Also, this service is free for users. But for transactions that have paid extra fees, a special priority will be considered. So ViaBTC receives extra fees for services such as low transaction fees & urgent transactions. Once you have submitted your transaction ID, you will have to pay the required fee and wait for the operation to be performed by ViaBTC (minimum transaction fee of 0.0001BTC / KB)


ConfirmTX serves its users as a Bitcoin accelerator service. All transactions are confirmed within 72 hours (Most transactions will be confirmed within the first 12 hours). As this service does not offer refunds, you can be sure that your transactions will receive the necessary confirmations on the network.

360 BTC Accelerator

Are you looking for a free Bitcoin Acceleration? 360 BTC Accelerator is the best choice for you. If the initial transaction fee is low, you can use it to accelerate the transaction. 360 BTC Accelerator is not a miner and is not connected to miners. Instead, your transactions will be received and approved by other mining pools. This increases the transaction speed of users and eliminates the need for unnecessary registrations.


BitAccelerate is another Bitcoin transaction accelerator that allows you to confirm transactions faster. All you have to do is log in to the BitAccelerate platform and enter your transaction ID Finally, click on the accelerate button. Just as easily.


BTC.com itself does not offer a Bitcoin acceleration service. But it has a very good performance in reducing the congestion of transactions in the network. They do this in collaboration with other mining services. With BTC.com acceleration service, you can dramatically increase your chances of verifying your transactions and this can reduce blockchain network congestion and save users time. But you should note that fees may vary during different hours and this feature depends on the network congestion on the blockchain.

BTC TX Accelerator

BTC TX Accelerator serves as a free Bitcoin accelerator. This service is done using the necessary cooperation with several mining pools so that users can experience faster transactions. BTC TX Accelerator adds an extra fee for the jammed transaction & unconfirmed transaction and confirms them on the network. This service can be a good option for people who are worried about confirming transactions on the Bitcoin network.


Using the Bitcoin transaction accelerator allows your transactions to be verified faster on the network. It also serves as a solution to escape the Bitcoin network congestion. Other Bitcoin transaction accelerators offer relatively similar services. If you’ve had a bad experience with Bitcoin transactions, I recommend using the introduced Bitcoin transaction accelerators to experience the joy of confirming transactions in a short time and saving your time.


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