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Bitcoin Was HACKED, Back To Normal Now

UPDATE: It appears that the website is back to normal now. Existing post kept for historical reference.

This is a public service announcement to warn everybody that scammers have hacked the domain and have placed a bitcoin doubler scam on the main page.

If you see any page presenting you with a bitcoin doubler offer – do not click on it! It is 100% a scam.

This shocking news was first reported on September 23 on the topic hacked – at least 0.4 BTC has already been scammed from unsuspecting users, and the stolen bitcoin was sent to 1NgoFwgsfZ19RrCUhTmmuLpmdek45nRd5N.

A picture of the bitcoin doubler scam has been captured in the tweet below:

Cobra, the domain owner, has been made aware of the hack and said he is inspecting the issue:

In the meantime, we recommend not using for the time being and instead, download Bitcoin Core binaries from

We will update this post as the ongoing developments continue to happen.


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