Craig Wright is not Satoshi (2022 edition)

What is this?

This is your periodic reminder that Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Nobody should believe his false claims. This page will list a timeline of notable events related to his abortive ligitation against Bitcoin Core developers, the domain owner Twitter users, and everyone else he has a passing hatred of. Events are listed as they occur, starting with the post creation date.

CSW sues Hodlonaut

August 24, 2022: CSW is suing Hodlonaut for defamation (his favorite accusation since he can’t actually prove that he is Satoshi to courts). There were instances where Hodlonaut called CSW a fraud, and things to that end, but Craig Wright is crossing the line with his latest aggressive lawsuit. Court case is scheduled for September 12. Go to if you want to donate to Hodlonaut’s legal defence. #WeAreAllHodlonaut! Source (Bitcointalk)

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