[GUIDE] How to create an online store and accept Bitcoin by using open-source

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I’ve spent the past 15 days writing a very detailed tutorial on how to create an e-commerce store and accept Bitcoin, from scratch, with no coding skills required by using only free and open-source software.


We’ve been running our own bitcoin store for a year now, and wanted to do something for the community and spread the adoption.

The article contains detailed instructions that will guide you through the process step by step.

It’s quite in-depth, there are 10200 words and I also recorded 18 videos to help you along the way.

You can read the article here https://bitcoinshirt.co/how-to-create-store-accept-bitcoin/

And watch the video in an assorted playlist here  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7b9Wt9shK2ouN9E-g0viktMMEKFFqelm

Here’s the table of content

1. Under the Hood
1.1Web Hosting
1.1.1Shared Hosting
1.1.2Dedicated Hosting
1.1.3VPS Hosting
1.1.4Why do you need both VPS and Shared for this setup?
1.2Domain name and SSL
1.3.1WordPress Theme
1.3.2WordPress Plugins Server
1.4 The cost

2. Web Hosting
2.1Choosing The Hosting Plan
2.2 Domain name
2.3 Setting up the account
2.3.1 Extra Services
2.4 Phone verification
2.5 Creating WordPress and WooCommerce
2.6 E-mail verification (inbox)
2.7 Previewing the website

3.   Customizing WordPress
3.1 Logging into WordPress
3.2 Getting familiar with the back-end interface
3.3 Installing the Theme
3.4 Removing the demo content
3.4.1Removing the plugins
3.4.2Removing the Products
3.4.3Removing product categories
3.4.4Removing posts and comments

4. Woocommerce Customization
4.1WooCommerce General Settings
4.2 Creating WooCommerce Pages
4.3 Creating product categories
4.4 Adding products
4.4.1 Creating Simple Product
4.4.2 Creating Variation Product
4.5 Shipping rates and methods

5. Installing plugins
5.1 Adding Contact Form

6 Customizing Theme
6.1 Customizing Header
6.2 Customizing Footer
6.2.1 Adding About Us in the footer
6.2.2 Adding Bitcoin Accepted Here Sign
6.2.3 Adding Menus to Footer

7. Setting up BTCPay Server
7.1Installing BTCPay WooCommere Plugin
7.2 Connecting to a Third-Party Host
7.2.1 Registering with a third-party host
7.2.2 Pairing your store with a host
7.3 Installing BTCPay self-hosted Server
7.3.1 Buying the VPS
7.3.2 Creating an account
7.3.3 Creating the Virtual Machine Buying  additional volume Attaching a volume Enabling CPU usage
7.3.4  DNS Setup
7.3.5 Deploying BTCPay Server
7.4 Connecting BTCPay with your wallet
7.4.1 Connecting your wallet with Ledger Nano S
7.4.2 Connecting your BTCPay manually
7.5 Testing BTCPay Checkout

8.1Official documentation
8.2 Managing your orders
8.3 Free Plugins
8.4 Search Engine Optimization
8.5 Support groups
8.6 Marketing
8.7 Credits
8.8 The stores made by following this tutorial
8.9 Thank you

If you have any feedback, let me know.

If you or someone you know end up with making a store that accepts BTC by following it, please let me know, it would make my day 🙂

Let’s spread the adoption.

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