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NFT Games – The Pleasure Of Playing And Earning In The World Of Blockchain

Making money through gambling has become one of the most popular ways to earn money. Just like what happened in the early days of Bitcoin, today we can see that we are making money playing. NFT Games have different and special features that attract a lot of fans. This feature can also be used in games. Imagine being able to sell and exchange items you get in the game. In the world of NFT Games, you can trade characters, tools, weapons, cards, and more.

What are NFTs?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a unique digital collection in the blockchain. In fact, NFTs can be used for anything in particular, such as a work of art or music and games. With these works and decentralized collections on the blockchain, there will be no more copy-paste and sole proprietorship will be formed. This unique feature of tokens makes them non-fungible. In this case, no token can be replaced with another token, and each NFT’s metadata is different.

What Networks are NFT Games on?

These games are usually on the Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum network. Most of these games run on the Ethereum blockchain. These games allow users to exchange their rare NFTs with each other. This is why these items are unique and their value is due to their non-fungible nature. For example, in some games, you sell your digital animal. In some other games, you can exchange your special and non-fungible items and weapons.

NFT Games and Earn Money

In these games, users can earn money by playing. When the user plays, he finds his reward in the form of tokens or NFTs. Note that the more you play, the more items you will receive. You can trade these items with other users or use them during the game. In other words, everything depends on you.

What is Axie?

One of the most famous and popular NFT games is Axie. SLP tokens are used in this game. But this game requires investment to get started. You have to buy 3 animal characters called Axies and use them during the game. Therefore after buying 3 Axies, your story begins. You can play and get different items and trade them. Note that Axies are non-fungible and their transaction is good for monetizing users. On average, you can earn $ 200 to $ 1,000 a month through this game.

Finally, a list of popular NFT games is collected for you:

Note: Like any investment, it is possible to reduce your capital and make a loss in this type of investment. Also, always keep your NFTs safe, as there is a risk of losing them, even if it is unlikely.

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