A Special Announcement – BitMixList

person holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook

This place has been quiet for a while, but I am pleased to announce that BitMixList.com has been officially launched!

This is in response to Bitcointalk’s decision to ban mixers from the site.

I understand that the forum needs to protect itself from law enforcement, even if most of the bitcoin community disagrees with the decision, but knowledge must not be lost. It’s in the site’s tagline, you know.

BitMixList is the most comprehensive directory of Bitcoin Mixers and other privacy services ever assembled on the internet. No other resource comes close to replicating the information stored on it.

Knowledge was sourced from dozens of Bitcointalk topics in the process of creating the history of bitcoin mixers, and its anatomy.

I hope you guys enjoy this resource as much as I do. And make sure you bookmark the site, because Google is still loading it!

Best Regards,
Ali Sherief
NotATether.com owner

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