– Countering PoW criticism

A few weeks ago, I made, a website that is supposed to counter the Greenpeace FUD about Bitcoin and Proof of Work they put at

As you can see, I just reversed the two words in the domain name, as a little satire towards them.

BitcoinCleanup already has a strong following on Bitcointalk, many threads about it already, and I plan on having Bitcoin Magazine interview me as well. Very exciting times we are in.

All that’s left is to push it to the mainstream. It’s fast (it’s not WordPress!), and it’s DDoS-proof because I’m not hosting it on my own hardware, but on a website builder. So I need to get the journals and magazines to talk about this.

Greenpeace’s effort to destroy Proof of Work will fail because they lack conviction. They are at the mercy of their donors to give them large sums of money before they actually take any action. As such, their attacks on Bitcoin are sporadic and can be classified more as raids than a real invasion. But I am not dependent on donations to keep this thing going – it’s largely future-proofed already.

Bitcoiners will rally around, while Greenpeace bros continue their sporadic raids, and together we will wipe out the malicious green Hulk-style attacks on the future of money.

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