Details of the COPA complaint from Craig Wright

The whitepaper is the first Bitcoin specification that includes the goals and roadmap of this currency and was introduced to the world in 2008 by an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto. This whitepaper is one of the most prized assets of Bitcoin’s history. But the interesting thing is that Craig Wright claims that the real person behind the nickname, Satoshi Nakamoto. He considers himself the author of Bitcoin Whitepaper. But the COPA does not accept this claim and has filed a lawsuit against Craig Wright for bitcoin Whitepaper.

Who is Craig Wright?

Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist and businessman who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The man said that he and his friend Dave Kleiman (a computer security expert) were involved in creating Bitcoin. And only a small part of this large community accepted this claim. However, the Bitcoin community asked Craig Wright for conclusive evidence and a strong reason for this claim. For this reason, they do not consider him the creator of Bitcoin.

It should be stressed that we at NotATether reject his claim as well. Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto and neither is Dave Kleiman, who had passed away a couple of years ago. A bitcointalk user has compiled a list of people claiming to be Satoshi.

Last year, Wright was embroiled in a lawsuit with his brother, Ira Kleiman, over ownership of Satoshi’s mined bitcoins. Among other court cases, he attempted to sue Bitcoin developers to produce the private keys to Satoshi’s bitcoins, and sued the owner Cobra for hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper.

COPA lawsuit against Craig Wright

The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA), founded by Square, is led by Jack Dorsey. The union recently filed a lawsuit against Craig Wright. In this lawsuit, COPA has asked the UK Supreme Court not to recognize Craig Wright as the author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper. in fact, the union denies Craig Wright’s claim to be the creator of Bitcoin and does not recognize him.

The lawsuit alleges that Craig Wright is not the author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper and that he is not the copyright holder of this document. The lawsuit, filed in the UK High Court. could dispel allegations made by Craig Wright, who hid behind Satoshi’s face for years. The following image shows a tweet published by COPA:

 According to this tweet, COPA supports bitcoin developers and stands in front of the many others who have been threatened for hosting the Whitepaper.

As a big fan of Bitcoin SV, Calvin Ayre commented on COPA’s move, expecting Craig to win the lawsuit, and is “very happy” about this. In another tweet, he called it a Christmas present for Craig Wright.

Lawyers challenge Square

In January, Craig Wright’s lawyers claimed that he, as a well-known figure in the BSV project, had made the decision. He wanted to legally acquire ownership of the original Bitcoin Roadmap. Square was also warned that it would sue them if their request was not answered within the next two weeks and the initial bitcoin map was not removed from the company’s website.

But COPA’s move to the warnings was interesting and did not respond to the warnings. On February 5, a tweet was issued by COPA asking Wright for more information on its patent claims about the Invention of the Bitcoin roadmap. The request asked Craig Wright: “Please explain, on what basis do you claim to be the mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi and the author of the original blueprint for this cryptocurrency project?” “We don’t care who wrote the original bitcoin map”.

COPA will not just stand in front of Craig Wright

COPA will stand up to those who have falsely claimed ownership of Bitcoin. Given COPA’s legal action against Craig Wright, the union seems determined against this person and his complaint. It is clear that if Wright does not prove his claims, which he is unlikely to do, he will once again rejected by the Bitcoin community.

Many people have introduced themselves as Satoshi over the years, and if I were to list them, it would definitely be a long list. The real Satoshi silence during this period also means that he will probably not be heard from. However, all those who introduced themselves as Satoshi with baseless claims eventually showed their true faces to the Bitcoin community. People who were just looking for more popularity and fame and just wanted to be in the headlines of Bitcoin news for a while. But as long as Satoshi remains anonymous, all of us who work in the Bitcoin network is Satoshi.

In the interest of preserving the freedom of the distribution of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, we are hosting a copy of it at

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