Repeat Text Tool

Welcome! Here you can use this tool to repeat any of the text you enter. Just tell us how many times you want the text to repeat, and it will repeat it that many times for you. Even fractional repetitions are supported!

How to use repeat text tool

In the “Text to repeat” box, you type the input text that is going to be repeat. You can expand he text area by dragging the lower righ corner if you want.

In the “Number of times to repeat” input box, type the number of times you want it to repeat. Fractional repetitions are supported. When you type a fractional repetition, it will only write part of the text. Here is an example For 3.5 times repetition:


If the text cannot be repeated exactly 50% like in this case, then it will leave out some characters so that it doesn’t go over 50%.

Last is a text input for the delimiter for separating the text to reverse. You see, you don’t only have to use newlines as the separator, but it is the default choice, because 99% of people want to separate newline-delimited text. You can use any character like space, tab, and even multiple characters at once! To type a tab, use \t, for newline, type \n, and for carriage return, type \r.

Beware – if you are on Windows, you probably want to use \r\n to separate lines. Particularly if you typed those lines yourself.

When repeating text can be useful

The most obvious use case is when you need a ton of placeholder content you want to post, in order to make a point.

It can also be use to duplicate a command many times so that you can paste it all at once and not have to type it over and over again manually.

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