An overview of the most famous blockchain games in 2022

The gaming industry is making great strides today and there are billions of gamers around the world. However, one of the best experiences that gamers can experience is entertainment + monetization. Blockchain games provide this feature for users and play-to-earn crypto gaming is designed for gamers around the world. In this article, we will look at blockchain games and their performance. And we will review The most famous blockchain games together.

What is a Blockchain game?

Blockchain games use the blockchain network. In these games, cryptocurrencies are integrated as a payment system in blockchain games. You may have experienced games in which you can buy and exchange items such as weapons, land, avatars, elixirs, and more. But you may not be the real owner! But in the blockchain game, you are the real owner of your assets in the game and these assets exist in the form of unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs allow users to have unique assets and be able to trade these assets with other users and transfer between platforms. You can trade these special assets you got from the game with other users. So, the presence of blockchain technology in these games causes the game ecosystem information, owner of the game’s items, etc. To be stored and smart contracts create a clear and safe process for users in the world of blockchain games.

Top Blockchain Games

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity will definitely be at the top of this list because it is known as one of the most popular blockchain games. Also, has partnered with major companies such as Samsung and Ubisoft. This game is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and was launched in 2018. Users in this game can use Axies (digital creatures) that are in the form of NFT in trading, breeding or even in battle. You can get a more complete description of this game here.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is also based on the Ethereum blockchain network and Blankos as a vinyl toy figure. This game creates a different experience for users to experience innovation, enjoyment. You can collect and customize Blankos and you can even explore virtual worlds. You can experience this game for free on Microsoft Windows.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is known as a blockchain, player versus player, and online trading cards game inspired by Magic: The Gathering. This popular game runs on the Ethereum blockchain network & Immutable-X and you can have cards. So when you play with other players and win, you can have the cards you have won completely. These cards are known as digital assets in this game and run on the blockchain and some of these cards are very valuable. You can buy and sell these cards (requires ETH). Also, you can run this game on Windows and Mac OS.


Lightnite is another blockchain game and a Fortnite-like battle royale game. This game is developed by Satoshis Games and all microtransactions are performed on the Lightning Network. In Lightnite you will play multiplayer and online. (Just like Fortnite). In this game, you get rewards when you shoot other players. In general, you get Bitcoins when you shoot other players and when a player gets a shot, he loses his Bitcoin. You can get other players’ items from their bodies and the value of these items is a certain amount of Bitcoin. Also, in this game, you can exchange all your assets and items in the NFT marketplace section.


Sandbox is known as a virtual world, or metaverse game. Also, you can use the SAND token to buy and sell virtual land in this space and play and own the land and … SAND tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain network. In fact, Sandbox creates a Minecraft-like experience for users and it offers features like Voxel Editor, Marketplace, and Game Maker to users to have a great experience in this ecosystem.


Decentraland, as a blockchain game running on the Ethereum platform, creates an online VR world experience for you. In this ecosystem, you can buy and sell virtual land and develop them, and then make money.

Other Blockchain Games

The number of blockchain games is increasing and we can see different types of blockchain games with different features in the blockchain world. You can also see some of the other blockchain games in the following list:


Given that the VR world and blockchain games are expanding every day, we can expect a great future, and blockchain games may have a bright future and become an important part of our digital world. The idea of making money while playing was one of the best ideas that came with the advent of the blockchain world and certainly more progress awaits our world. Also, if you are interested in the world of NFT Games, here is a list of the best platforms with their features.

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