BitForex: What You Do Not Know About This Exchange

BitForex exchange tries to provide its users with security and fast trades. It has an impressive user interface for digital currency trading, token trading, margin trading, and also features derivatives on its platform. It has been around since being founded in 2018. BitForex meets the needs of users by creating a better trading experience.

BitForex Features

This exchange offers spot trading and perpetual contracts. With its special features, it can be very useful for beginners or professionals. Also, users do not have to have KYC verification and can continue their activity without KYC verification prompts prior to withdrawals. Low trading fees and no deposit fees are among the benefits of this exchange.

SMS verification and 2FA authentication

Another good feature of this exchange is SMS verification and 2FA authentication, which provides security for users. You can also enable your own API Key. So if you want to deposit or receive a request, your identity must be confirmed in this exchange. Be sure to confirm your identity before doing this.

Supported Assets

The exchange supports 300 trading pairs and over 163 cryptocurrencies.

Mobile App

BitForex has its own application for Android and iOS, and users can use both the web version and the mobile applications.

Deposit Withdrawal fee

BiForex charge no fees for deposits. However, it charges 0.0005 BTC fee for withdrawals, which is one of the lowest fees for exchanges at this level.


There is no busy and confusing menu in the trading section of the site and you can easily use the platform, even if you are a beginner. BitForex features clean and intuitive charts.

Social Trading Platforms

You can view and share others’ strategies and yours on the social trading platform of BitForex. There is also provision to view top traders within the dashboard. You can also add other traders’ trades to follow them.

Is BitForex Legit & Safe?

This exchange uses the highest security startegies such as top exchanges do. Features such as DDoS Protection, 2 Factor Authentication and more help to protect the funds and user data. Multi-signature wallets ensure compliance with the highest guidelines.

So to withdraw money from this wallet requires the approval of several global BitForex managers & SMS verification. BitForex is a legitimate and safe exchange to use. This platform has not experienced hacking or security breaches.

BitForex is suitable for global users, whether corporate or retail traders. Also, with a simple user interface and support for the most popular digital currencies in the market, it is one of the most secure and reliable exchanges.

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